Deborah Ferrari, Persuasive Author

Writing is not only simply an art of transferring all the emotions and ideas on a piece of paper through a story as well as its charterers, but also an exceptional talent that a writer persists. A writer is capable of making everything possible through his/her writing. Its not the words in a popular work piece of a writer that makes him/her famous rather it is the underneath meaning of each word that provides new recognition and worth to his/her work. Deborah Ferrari is an award winning novelist, contemporary story writer, philosopher, essayist, and literature critic. She has written a number of novels on social issues, short stories based on realism and essays that revolves around the various philosophical theories as well as aspects.

She has in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the field of writing which helped her to earn a respected name in the industry. Her work is quite appreciated by the critics for her amazing style of writing and fresh ideas. Deborah Ferrari has written a plenty of articles on the present condition of women and various physiological problems that exist in the society. She is counted amongst the top feminist writers and postmodern critics, who portray present scenarios of the society through unique narrating skills in the form of novels. She has written various novels on distinct themes that include psycho thriller, fiction, contemporary literature, historical, mystery and many more.

The most outstanding part of her writing style is that she perfectly knows how to hold the interest of the readers and play with their minds through her narration power and this distinguishes her from other modern writers. Her novels have an open end which makes them more interesting for the readers. She believes in not confining the minds of the readers rather trigging their imagination and minds through her writings. Deborah Ferrari makes her best efforts to showcase and improve the status of the women in the society with the help of her essays. According to her, pages of a book are printed with the physical form of miraculous thoughts of a writer and words that speak more than what they mean.